About Our Sessions

If there is something we are known for, it's for giving our clients quality of time, specially when working with children, as long as the children and lighting conditions are cooperating we continue taking beautiful portraits to make the most of each session. 

Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions are the most challenging yet most rewarding of all the sessions. Newborn babies are the main subject that combined with different props like baskets, wood containers, wreaths, flowers, leaves, fabrics, etc. perfectly create beautiful pieces of art. Being parents of two amazing children, we understand the precious value of that little person in our hands, and we want to capture them in a way they will never be captured again. The way they fit in mom and dad's hands it's almost like a dream that only lasts for a couple of weeks. Newborn sessions capture a precious moment your family's life that we want you to remember for a lifetime with beautiful heirloom quality portraits and artwork.

Our newborn sessions typically last between 2 to 4 hrs to allow plenty of time for feeding and cuddling. There are two parts in the session, one where we photograph the baby alone in two to three sets (depending on how sleepy the baby is) and the second part is where we do the family portraits. For these we like to include mom, dad and siblings and just about any other family member that is important to you. We love large families and there is nothing more important to us than family.

You don't need to bring anything for the baby as far as clothing or accessories, since we have a large selection to choose from. We also have dresses and head accessories for the moms and sisters,  to create a more artistic look. All of this is available to use but not required.  

Family / Maternity Sessions

Our family and maternity sessions last about two hours. In the case of the maternity sessions it allows time for the several changes of clothing and with the family sessions it gives us time to warm up to the kids and daddy. We understand that showing up in front of a stranger and to start smiling for pictures doesn't happen miraculously. We like to play with the children, get them to laugh with us first so when the camera appears they are just being natural, which is what we want to capture. The majority of our family and maternity sessions take place outdoors and towards the end of the day to get amazing Florida sunsets. We have several locations to choose from depending of the style of our clients, beaches, parks with lots of greenery and water and urban/buildings for a more contemporary look.  


About Our Packages

Our studio is a full service studio that believes that the memories we capture deserve to be where they can be seen and enjoyed every day. That is why we have designed several packages that for the most part include an album, something for your wall and digital files. All our printed products are made with the highest quality photographic material. We are very confident that the heirlooms we are creating for your home, will not only bring joy to your family but will be passed through generations to come. 

Our packages also include a pre-consultation appointment at our studio or over the phone so we can get to know you better, as well as your needs and expectations for your session, your style, home decor, color schemes, etc. We also explain our packages and show you samples of our beautiful products, as well as wardrobe options available to you (and your baby in the case of a newborn session). 


Newborn Session $249

Pre-consultation meeting
Up to 4-hrs. in studio session
Access to our client wardrobe
and baby props
Hair and makeup service upon request
In-studio viewing and ordering


Maternity/Family Session $150

Pre-consultation meeting
Up to 2-hrs. session in studio or location Access to our client wardrobe
Hair and makeup service upon request                 
In-studio viewing and ordering

Family and Senior Packages

Our Family and Senior packages start at $499,  and include the session fee, an album, prints and digital files.